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Sunday, November 13, 2011

DAVID SPENCER Exclusive Interview


DAVID SPENCER Exclusive Interview 

(* This is the Part 3 and the final chapter of the "Exclusive, and the first time ever" Interview of the people related to Yim Jaebum (임재범)'s musical journey.  This time, The Yim Jaebum Fanpage presents to you, Mr. DAVID SPENCER (데이빗 스펜서) : The man who is responsible for the beautiful trumpet solos on Yim Jaebum's solo debut song "When this night is over" (이 밤이 지나면). Mr. Spencer tells the tales of his untold contributions for the Korean music scene and his "classy" time in Seoul. Please enjoy... Note : No suit & tie required...)

"Dr. Spencer is one of the few musicians that have made Carnegie Hall appearances as both a classical and jazz soloist. He has served as principal trumpet with numerous orchestras worldwide including THE SEOUL PHILHARMONIC, Manhattan Chamber Orchestra (NY), and the Orquesta Sinfonica de Asturias in Spain"

--- Excerpt from David Spencer's official Bio -

(David Spencer Portrait. Photo courtesy of David Spencer)

Hello from Korea Mr. David Spencer (데이빗 스펜서), Thank you very much for granting this interview for the only exsisting English Yim Jaebum (임재범) Fanpage. Do you remember “Annyong Haseyo” or other Korean phrases?

Hi, 물론이죠 !

Where are you right now and how are you doing ?

I am speaking to you from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am based here for the next two years working on the creation and development of a new Music School and Performing Arts Center. Oddly enough, many of the students are from Korea so it is getting me back into the Korean language a bit. I am still very busy performing however and just arrived back from a lengthy tour in Russia.

For people who don’t know, would you like to introduce yourself ?

Well, I suppose I am a bit of a musical Chameleon. when I lived in Seoul, I was both the Principal trumpet of the Seoul Philharmonic (서울시립교향악단) and a very active studio musician and arranger. I still perform all over the world but mostly as a trumpet soloist and conductor now. I have toured on over 125 Broadway shows and been lead trumpet for numerous singers and television personalities. After leaving Korea, I went back to The University of North Texas and served as a teaching fellow while completing my Doctorate in Music and have since become a Professor of Music at the University of Memphis and also as a visiting professor at the Shanghai Conservatory in China. So I lead a very busy life now as a performer, professor and studio musician.

(As a soloist with an orchestra for a concerto. Photo courtesy of David Spencer)

Wow.. that’s a very impressive profile. Now, you were obviously in Korea years ago. Can you tell me how that happened ?

I was living in New York in 1990 and performing as co-principal trumpet of the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra (맨하탄 챔버 오케스트라). The music director of the Seoul Philharmonic (서울시립교향악단) at that time was visiting New York and had heard me perform at Carnegie Hall (카네기 홀). I received a call the next day asking me if I would be interested in the principal trumpet position in Seoul. I said I would of course not thinking anything about it. I sent an audition tape and about 3 months later, I received a call offering me the job. At first, I was not so happy about leaving New York but I was young and thought it would be a good opportunity so I said Yes!.

How long did you stay here ? And have you ever come back since ?

I was in Seoul just 13 months, one-year contract with the orchestra. I have not been back to Seoul since I left in August 1991.

Did Seoul treat you well ? Or only bad memories of too spicy foods ? (laughs)

No bad memories of the food, in fact, I miss Chapchae (잡채) so much!!! Haha.. My time in Seoul was sweet and sour....I loved the culture, people and all the great recordings I made. My work with the Orchestra was not so fun…a lot of problems there in the administration but that's pretty typical of symphony orchestras worldwide. In the end, it was a small thing and didn't matter that much overall. if the situation had been better however, I probably would have stayed longer.

Where did you mostly hang out ? Or jammed while you were in Seoul ?

Well, I didn't have a lot of free time because I was working 6 days a week in the orchestra and then 6 nights a week performing Jazz at the Hyatt Hotel (하얏트 호텔). On sundays I played every week at a Jazz Club in Itaewon (이태원) so pretty much every day and night were taken. Most of the record deals I played on were negotiated at the Hyatt or the Jazz Club!! I can't remember all the places I hung out. Mostly my Korean friends like Sujin Nam (남수진) - who is a very successful Hollywood composer now - would pick me up and take me places. It was fun. I bet Seoul is much better now than in the 90's!

What’s the best memory of Seoul you have ? Or favorite place ?

I think the close friends I made and the recording and arranging I did for Jaebum (임재범), Yoon Sang (윤상), Kim Wan Sun (김완선), Byun Jin Sup (변진섭).... I wish we could all work together again, the music would be even better now than in the 90's. Maybe some smart producer will read this and put us all back together again for some great recording project. I'm doing a lot of this sort of work in the U.S. for singers like Barry Manilow (배리 매닐로우) and Natalie Cole (나탈리 콜) who are making big "revivals" of their careers now.

(David Spencer in a Jazzy mood. Photo courtesy of David Spencer)

We’re going in deep about Yim Jaebum (임재범). Now, are we ready to go back 20 years in time ? (laughs)

Sure, It's a long time and a lot of notes have passed!

Your playing was featured in his debut song “When this night is over” ("eebami Jinamyon" : 이 밤이 지나면), which is a very important song that started his solo era. How did you first get to know about this singer ?

Well, honestly…I didn't know about him! I think the offer to record solos on his album came about thru musicians and producers that heard me on Byun Jin Sup (변진섭)'s very successful CD "Byun Jin Sup III". I did arranging, scoring and solos on that album which was the first Jazz trumpet solos on a Korean Pop record to my knowledge. I think the sound of my arranging was very new to Korea also so it gave me a kind of musical identity. Anyway, I think one of the musicians or producers on an earlier project recommend me to Yim Jaebum (임재범) and I was taken to the studio….we listened to his songs, I laid down the solos, we had lunch and that was it. Very fast! I do recall that his voice was so powerful when I heard it the first time though. He really motivated me to play powerfully. If you listen to the solos I played on his record and those for Byun Jin Sup (변진섭)...very different. Jaebum's record is still one of my all time favorite recording projects, really.

That is great to hear. I didn't know that you contributed to the Korean music that much. But in this case, it was a big question back then, as he came right out of the world of Heavy Metal at the time. You don’t expect a Jazzy trumpet solo in his song right away. But I can tell you when I first listened to it -and still does- it sounded just beautiful.

Thanks. I tried to change the face of Korean Pop music. It was so "electronic" and produced….I just wanted to bring a kind of live impact that Pop music lacked to that point. Obviously, it worked!! I got a lot of calls to play on Pop records while I was in Korea and many I had to turn down because of schedule. Like I said, it would be nice to create a new project with Yim Jaebum (임재범) again. He is truly one of the best.

What was your first impression when you met Yim Jaebum (임재범) ?

I liked him from the start. As we listened, I remember being in the booth with my headphones on and hearing him on the talkback… "Nice David, I like the feeling but once again!!" His english was good which at the time helped a lot as I had just moved to Seoul and had not yet learned to communicate so well in Korean. we had a good time…he was demanding about what he liked which I respected.

Was he friendly to you ? And Stoked about having you in his song ?

Like I said, he earned my respect because he had an artistic vision of what he wanted and was able to communicate it to me. I think he was excited… sure was a great recording so I hope he was happy. Like most of our work in professional music and film, great people are put together for projects, we create great music and then we don't really see each other again. After that session, I only saw the producer and Yim Jaebum one  more time. So maybe fans don't realize this….actually we are only together for a very brief time then sometimes never see one another again….but the music lives on thankfully.

Did you have a rehearsal with him for the song in the studio ?

No, I came in an played my solos after everything was recorded. That is usually the case. I just performed a big solo on a film project that is being recorded in Budapest. I did my part via ISDN from Moscow. Live rehearsals don't happen much in professional studio playing.

How did he sound like ? As a singer.. I mean, you’ve worked with classical or Jazz singers mostly. Yim Jaebum (임재범) was the very first Heavy Metal singer from Korea. And made 4 historic Metal albums up to that point. I’m guessing it must have been very different for you, even by the vibe in the air.

Well, yes and no. Before moving to Korea, I recorded 300+ pop music tracks for Sony which were for their first Karaoke system they marketed. Many of the tracks are still used today. I just heard some of them in China last month!! I had also worked with singers from the world of Rock and Roll previously so it was not new to me, but it is true that most of my living is made thru Movie, TV and Classical work.

Did you know him while he was a Heavy Metal singer ?

Nope. I learned of this AFTER we recorded.

(From the lyric sheet of Yim Jaebum's debut album, LP only. The CD version does not carry this credits. )

So, we're in Jangchoong Studios (장충 스튜디오) Seoul Korea, 1991. How did the recording session go down ?

Well, I was picked up at my apartment and taken to the studio. We all had a coffee and discussed the project a bit, then it was down to business.

This debut song of Yim Jaebum (임재범) was not only a big hit, but a very stylish new song that had a Jazzy, urban, and sophisticated feel to it. How was your feelings of the song back then ?

I liked it. I still do. In fact, I teach a course in digital music and arranging and often use that as an example of great songwriting.

Oh really ? I must say, that your trumpet solo was the very element that made the song Jazzy, and gave a classy mood to it. Your thoughts on it ?

First, Thanks, I am always happy when people appreciate my performances. If you ask any musical artist, they will always analyze and pull apart their work in an effort to make it better. I do this too. There are always thoughts of, "oh, I could have played that note instead of this note" or something like that but in the end, it is a solo that conveys the energy and attitude of Jaebum's vocals. That was my artistic job and I think it worked.

In the beginning part the melody is in a harmony section, so I was thinking it was dubbed. Was the melody scored or improvised by you at the spot ?

My contributions were all improvised on that day at that moment. I had just a rough outline of the changes (chords for you non-musicians).

That song gave him a nickname of “The Korean Michael Bolton”. While you were there during the sessions. Did you feel the same way ?

In fact, I said something to that effect at the session after listening to him. I thought his voice was really great and had a lot of power. I actually have worked with Michael Bolton (마이클 볼튼) and can say that in some ways, But Jaebum is even better!

You make me proud as a longtime fan of Yim and as a Korean Mr. Spencer. Now, there are some close instruments with the trumpet. Such as Flugelhorn and cornet. Do you play those as well ? Or is trumpet your main instrument ?

I play all of the instruments in the Trumpet family. The opening melody you mentioned above was played on flugelhorn in fact. The same instrument I still play today!

Did you record or perform with any other notable Korean pop singers ? 

Yeah, we covered that earlier but the first was some songs I arranged for "Byun Jin Sup III" (변진섭 3집) and then things caught on after that, Yoon Sang (윤상), Kim Wan Sun (김완선), and another female singer who's name I can't remember now and Jaebum (임재범).

Yim Jaebum  (임재범) has recently gained big fame, which was totally overdue. I think he’s finally getting the rightful respects he deserves as a musician. Do you know anything about this ?

Not until you told me and I am so happy for him. Maybe we can do a TV spot together sometime! You arrange it and I'll be there!!

I wish I had the power for that (sighs).. Well, he is now all over the charts, his albums are getting new pressings, and his national tour is all sold out.

So why has he not called me yet? Haha ! Really, if someone knows how to get us back together, I'd love it.

(Spencer blew the bugle, for a start of a new era in Korean music. Photo courtesy of David Spencer)

And your trumpet solo is right there at his very beginning. Like a bugle giving out the sign for the starting of a history. How does that make you feel ?

Wow, That's a big compliment! Thank you so much for that. I told you my goal was to bring a fresh and new approach to Pop music in Korea and I guess time is proving that to be true at least for some. I'm happy that people are recognizing his talent and that the music is getting some play.

The sad thing is, that song is banned from broadcast now. It was decided as a “copy” of Paul Young’s “Everytime you go away”. Which I think is total bullshit. Did you know about this ?

What !!!!????  That's ridiculous,

Yes it sucks. Because of this, his debut album is being on hold for a re-release. It would be nice to hear a nicely remastered new version of his 91 debut. Don’t you think ?

Sure. I really don't see the problem though. The music is not in anyway like the other. He should fight it.

But don’t worry, he always sings this song at the end of his shows. Sadly with no trumpet solo. Your works stands untouched so far.

That's good. Maybe I can make a guest appearance at the end of his shows in Korea…I'd love to do it!

Have you ever went up on stage with Yim Jaebum  (임재범) for this song ? Even for MR playback..

I think there was a plan to do that with him before I left Korea, but we ran out of time.

That’s so sad. It’s such a great song with a beautiful solo. Do you regret that there was no chance for it ?

I do. But it is never too late…remember the Macarena!!! Haha !

Because recently some footages of Yim singing “When this night is over” (이 밤이 지나면) from 91 on TV shows are up in Youtube, Finally!. And you are nowhere to be found in them. So sad.

Thanks for the thought. I would have looked funny in my 90's clothes however so maybe it's a good thing!!

Suppose Yim Jaebum (임재범) contacts you, in 2 decades. Would you get together with him for another great song ?

Without hesitation. He was certainly one of my favorites.

It would be great even to imagine. Because all these years I pictured this cool looking guy in a sharp suit blowing the trumpet right next to Yim Jaebum (임재범) while he sings this song, a view which myself or nobody else has seen. Even for this 1 song. And now I’m talking to the maestro responsible for it !!

Well, sometimes I wear suits, but I assure you I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt the day I recorded.. Haha !!!

(The horn-meister at work. Photo courtesy of David Spencer)

Do you have that very trumpet that you used for the recording ? And is it still shiney and playing good ?

I do still have the Flugelhorn but the trumpet has long since found another owner.

If you ever came to Seoul again, would you want to meet up with him ? Or is would you run straight to your favorite place to eat first ? (laughs)

Maybe we could meet and eat at the same time!!!!

I mean, you now lead and conduct symphony orchestras. Yim Jaebum would make a great soloist for the evening standing by your side, singing some timeless classics with a rich orchestra playing the music. Have you seen him sing “Unchained Melody” (언체인드 멜로디)  with an orchestra ?

No, but now you are giving me good ideas.

Well, it’s on youtube, You should definitly see it. You would get a whole new sack of ideas from it.


For example there’s a song called “Naak-in” (낙인), which was the title for a hit drama called “Chuno” (추노). It would make a great orchestra song. And there are so many songs by him that has such structure and drama in it.


And there are many new arraanged versions of his hits for strings orchestras and piano only. They’re like “ready to go”.


I even picture Yim Jaebum singing “Nessun Dorma” (* from opera "Turandot") or “The Music of the night” (* from musical "The Phantom of the opera") and dropping people’s jaws. You being a conductor and arranger, how would that sound ?

Ok, I'm sold.

(David Spencer soloing. Photo courtesy of David Spencer)

If you ever came back to Seoul with an orchestra, would you consider something like that ? Having him on stage with you ?

Sure but it's easier just to import me without the orchestra and we hire a good orchestra in Korea for the tour.

And you would have to pick up the trumpet for the 1 song you did together for the grand finale. How would that sound in your ears ?

Ok, sounds like you are a producer!!! Hahaha …let's get going on it. You Probably know I toured with Luciano Pavarotti (루치아노 파바로티) for several concerts after I left Seoul so the idea of doing this is well within my bag of ideas so to speak.

I would pay any price to see that concert. I wish it happens. Mr. Spencer.

This is the beauty of the internet, if revolutions of countries can happen via network media, then surely a few thousand fans can make a petition and a smart producer will see the value in doing this project. I'll send you a ticket for sure if it happens!!!

Thank you Mr. Spencer. I'll have my fingers X'd til that day. Now, how do you remember him as a person ?

Kind, Warm, Focused, and very Talented.

Any other untold special memories with him that you wanna share ?

We were both focused on the music….I can't remember much except I do remember ordering Lunch and it was Chinese food!! (laughs)

If you bumped into him tomorrow, What would you do ? Take him to your music room or drag him down to the pub first ?


("On the turning away" indeed.. This is the 1st solo album for Yim Jaebum, the last for David Spencer in the Korean music scene. Hope they get together again to make yet another masterpiece track.)

That would be great. I truly wish you get to meet him sometime down the road.

Maybe you can make it happen.

It’s only 1 song. But you’ve worked with probably the greatest vocalist from Korea. And your playing will live on with his legacy. Your thoughts on that ?

Music is about moving people. That is what we do. Some people use music to make money (mostly corporations now) but in the end, it is the music and musicians that are remembered so thanks !

Not only you were one of the very few foreigners who had that rare chance to work with him. But so far you are the 1 and ONLY trumpeter who played a solo on his songs. (except for a brass section, not a soloist). Please don’t forget that.

Good to know.

Anything you want to add ?

Thank you for this interview ! I wish you all the best and applaud your efforts to catch up with me. It was not easy…..

You're very welcome sir. Well then, I want to thank you so very much for the interview Mr. Spencer. For a longtime fan of Yim Jaebum who was just thrilled at every piece of music he put out, this was pure pleasure. I send you cheers and respect for your works with Yim Jaebum (임재범). And hope to see you play in Seoul again in time. No matter what occasion you bring here.

I'm smelling the Chapchae (잡채) now!! Thanks and best to all of Yim Jaebum's fans….

Thank you so much again. I wish you health and best of luck.

See you Later !

Much gratitude and standing ovation for Dr. DAVID SPENCER, who gave prescious time and shared so many personal memories with us for this exclusive interview. The YIM JAEBUM Fanpage sends applause and respect to Dr. Spencer.

* DAVID SPENCER Official Website :

* David Spencer played with the following great artists as mentioned in this interview (in no particular order) :

Yim Jaebum (임재범),  Yoon Sang (윤상),  Byun Jin Sup (변진섭),  Kim Wan Sun (김완선),  Luciano Pavarotti (루치아노 파바로티),  Barry Manilow (배리 메닐로우),  Natalie Cole (나탈리 콜),  & Michael Bolton (마이클 볼튼).

* To listen to David Spencer's wonderful trumpet playing on "When this night is over" ( "eebami Jinamyon" : 이 밤이 지나면), and more great songs by Yim Jaebum , Click  HERE .

** Korean translation (한국어버젼) of this interview coming soon....

---- The YIM JAEBUM Fanpage 2011 ----


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

KENNY JONES Exclusive Interview


KENNY JONES Exclusive Interview

(*This is Part 2 of the "Exclusive, and for the First time ever" Interview of people related to Yim Jaebum (임재범)'s Musical journey. This time The Yim Jaebum Fanpage presents you Mr. KENNY JONES (케니 존스) : The producer and engineer of the ASIANA (아시아나)'s album. He reveals the details behind the unsung masterpiece in Yim Jaebum's Metal era. Hope you enjoy..)

Hello from Korea Mr. Kenny Jones (케니 존스), Thank you very much for granting this interview for the Yim Jaebum Fanpage. What goes through your mind right now ?

Hi there, Well, it's been a long time that has passed.

Now, you’re obviously a veteran music producer/engineer with well seasoned ears, , but for us Koreans could you please introduce yourself ?

My names Kenny Jones (케니 존스), I run Alchemy Studios (알케미 스튜디오) in London and work as the head producer and engineer, I been in studios making records since 1976. I know how its done.

And tell us some of your significant works that has your touch on, Records that became a big hit or musically very important.

Aahh, there are many, if you want info please check the studio's website.

Who are your influences or mentors in you becoming a producer and engineer ? Or maybe you started out assisting for a big name in the early days..

Main guys are John Porter, Nick Bradford, Richard Wailey, Simon Heyworth. All were greet engineers in different ways.

(Kenny Jones' Alchemy Studio logo.)

Now, for the purpose of the interview. Now, I know it’s over 2 decades ago, But can you tell us how you got to meet Yim Jaebum (임재범) ? (or Kim Dokyoon if he came first)

All the band of ASIANA (아시아나) arrived at the same time, I met them all at once in the studio.

How was the very first meeting for the recording like ? I mean, you don’t just barge into a studio and bash out tunes right on the tapes now do you ? A nice cup of tea and a chat maybe (or was it beer) ?

I don't recall exactly, but usually we have coffee first.

The studio was MATRIX (매트릭스) studios back then, Was it a “cutting edge-state of the art” studio or was it a nice moderate studio but with very special hands on the board ?

Matrix was a special place, not cutting edge, but with special atmosphere all situated underground. A "cult" studio.

So how did the sessions go down ? Was it an easy task for you or was it a tough gig ?

It was rather an easy one.

Were the recordings all put down on analog tapes or was it in the early stages of any new media days ? If so, what kind of format was it recorded on ?

Digital recording didn't exist back then.. It was all done on analog 2 inch tape.

When you heard Yim Jaebum sing for the first time, what did you think right off the bat ?

He had a great voice, very LOUD singer!

Did his voice remind you of any singers ?

Not really.

Wow, his voice is known to be influenced by David Coverdale and the late great Ronnie James Dio.

Is that so? Hmmm

So, these two gentlemen gave you a “general” impression of Korean Rockers now, I only hope that it hasn’t got any worse since. (laughs)

These guys wanted to sound like a UK rock band, which is why they were in London.

So what did you think when you heard the album ?

Sounded rather dated, too much reverb. I only heard some tracks through youtube. I never got a copy of the album.

WHAT ? You never got a copy ? That sucks !

Yes, it's true. SOMEBODY should have sent me one.

Well, my guess is that since ASIANA broke up as quick as they got together, it all got lost in the turmoil. So sad. As far as the album goes, I’ll see what I can do.

Yes please.

(Kenny Jones credit in ASIANA album, LP version.)

I hope you like what you heard. Your name is on it as producer AND engineer, Now that’s an important mark and you deserve the credit Mr. Jones.

(laughs).. well, it was a long time ago.

Getting back to the recording, can you tell us of the equipments (amps, guitars, drums, mics etc.) that were used for it ? I’m sure it’s the same list of the house equipments from MATRIX studios from then, as far as you can remember.

My memory aint that good. And the notes from that era are all lost.

I think the drums tracks are very nice, clear and strong. Very '80s Metal sound which I totally dig. Was it hard to get the drum tones for ASIANA ?

No I don't recall it was any different than other rock bands. I set up my usual way and they played well.. that's half the battle..

Do you have the master tapes in your safe or did Yim Jaebum (or Kim Dokyoon) took it with him to Korea ?

No idea. They probably took it back to Korea.

(In Matrix Studios, 1990.  Mr. Kenny Jones wearing red shirt, and  
Yim Jaebum is showing you his state of mind)

Any fun studio tales or memories you wanna share ?

Sorry but i try not to 'tell tales' from studio sessions.. even if i could remember them! (laughs)

There seems to be a song called “Soldiers came” which was recorded, but it couldn’t be on the album due to sensitive “political” situations of Korea, Do you recall how the song sounded like ? Do you think you have a copy of the recording in your tapes somewhere ?

I think.. I may still have a cassette copy somewhere.

If you could “remix” the album, are there any parts of the recording that you might wanna fix ?

Yes, many.. some tuning issues, more uptodate sound etc..

Now, for a more delicate look into some songs. When the riff for the opening track “Breaking Out” starts, the sound of a motorcycle is dubbed in, giving a total “Hell bent for leather” feel to the album, Please tell me how it was recorded. Was it a real bike ?

I think it was.

Do you recall who’s bike it was and what brand it was ? (like Harley, BMW, Yamaha etc.) ?

Ahhh... No idea.

In the beginning of the song “Tom Kat”, there is a female sounding voice saying “Hey you”, and Yim responds “What ?”, can you tell me who that lady was ? I’m sure there weren’t a lot of females in the studio during this particular recording.

I... don't recall.

In the same song, a brass sounding keyboard parts are dubbed in. Can you recall who played it ? It’s not credited or even mentioned anywhere in the album.

Don't remembere that either, Sorry.

I’m guessing it was the house keyboards from MATRIX, can you recall what model it was ?

Probably a Roland Juno series which was there.

In the title track, “Out on the street”, there is a group chant for the chorus, Besides the obvious members , who were around the mic for that part ? Were you in on it by any chance ?

Ha ha, I never go  on mic, would have been all the band members.

Yim sings 1 track : “Missing you” in Korean, Was that the first time you heard a Rock track sung in Korean language ? And what was your feelings listening to it ?

He sounded more natural in his native tongue.

And in the band anthem “Asiana”, the drummer Yoo Sangwon plays a traditonal Korean rhythm. And Kim Dokyoon plays Korean folk melodies in his solo. What was it like to hear those ?

Didn't realise they were trad. melodies. But they sounded cool.

What about the 2 members who handled the rhythm section ? As a record producer, what’s your impression on them ?

They were very tight players.

Being a producer / engineer for so many years and having a career, you can probably tell if one’s “got it” when a singer makes a sound into a microphone. What was your impression when you hear Yim Jaebum’s vocals through the speakers for the first time ?

Yim jaebum was a good hard rock vocalist.. he had that special built in vocal distortion!

Please tell me about Mr. “Chve” Goddadrd who is enlisted with your name on “Recorded by” . What was his role and where is he now ?

He was one of the tape pops, I trained many, he went on to engineer, but I don't think he is still in the business,  I'm not sure.

All the lyrics are credited to one “Dave”, even down to the Korean lyrics. No one is sure who this is. Can you verify who this Dave was ?

Don't know, sorry.

(Kenny Jones credit in ASIANA album. CD version.)

When exactly did you leave MATRIX and opened your own ALCHEMY STUDIOS ? And would you say it’s a better studio ?

Last thing I did at Matrix was produce Mark Almond (마크 아몬드)  album "Open All Night". Alchemy opened in 2000. Alchemy is still going strong, Matrix is long gone… I guess that makes it a better studio!

I’m sure the goodies are all upgraded, Housing the best of both (analog & digital) worlds ? Please tell us about it.

I have plenty of goodies.. both valve and digital. I work in Protools.

So how is the old MATRIX Studios doing these days ? Still tracking ?

Like I said above, gone unfortunately.

What are your thoughts on all these digital or virtual software, and home recording gadgets that comes in handy sizes ? It might give you some things to think about and have a say about them. Having all them kids doing everything in their room via computers and etc. Leaving less Artists who actually hires a real studio (and engineers).

I can go buy a Steinway piano in a shop, but as I cant play keyboards it will never sound great, Same way you can now buy a studio in a box, but unless you know how to make records they will never sound great. It not the gear or plugins, its the vision and ideas.

Are you going “along” with them new gadgets or pretty much “old school” ? Preferring the real instruments and real boards and all ?..

It's a mixture and a compromise.. always.

If you had your way, what kind of recording (not considering the studio time and money) would be ideal for you ? (like : ALL real gtrs, drums, brass, string orch., grand piano, a whole choir, real hand claps by a dozen ppl.. recorded on a 2 inch tape reel..etc)

I prefer the speed of digital.. But I prefer to record real music made by real people.

What’s your most proud (or memorable) works so far ? (in producing & engineering each)

Don't wanna give that away, they are all important to me.

So, would you recommend them for music fans out here as well ?

Check the list and have a listen!

And in your view, what is the greatest album you think that is the best in terms of producing or engineering ? 

That would be a VERY long list. (laughs)..

Your pick : Alan Parsons or Brian Eno ? (And why)

Eno… Parsons is rubbish.

James Guthrie or Martin Birch ? 

Birch.. prefer his style.

Marshall or Blackstar?

Marshall !

Vox or Orange ?


Which artist are you currently working with ? Be it recording or touring..

No one at the moment.

What’s your all time favorite Rock or  Metal band?

AC/DC & Tom Petty.

That’s interesting, As far as I know Yim Jaebum is a big fan of DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH. Coverdale and Dio eras to be precise.

Is that so?

Have you been in any contact with Yim Jaebum (임재범), or Kim Dokyoon (김도균) along the years since the recording of ASIANA (아시아나)?

Nope. Wish I had.

Have you had a chance to listen to any of Yim Jaebum’s works as a solo singer, or Kim Dokyoon’s Metal tracks as a member of BAEKDOOSAN (백두산)? And if so, your thoughts on them ?

I wish I could answer that.

If Yim Jaebum (임재범) enters ALCHEMY’s door, you think you can make another kickass record with him ?

No problem.

When you see him, what would you go for first ? Straight to the recording booth or down the pub first ? 

Depends, if he's buying the drinks! (laughs)

As a matter of fact, did you know that he was recently in London again ?

No, I had no clue.

Well, after his apprearance in the show “I’m a Singer”, he took off to London to “Recharge his batteries” I think, I’m sure London is a very special place for him. Would you be happy if he called you up ?

Sure no problem!

His “little brother" bands are DIABLO (디아블로), who played with Yim Jaebum (임재범) for his Metal tracks in his shows, And YB (윤도현밴드) who played with him in “I’m a Singer” (나는 가수다). You think you can one day work with these great Korean bands as well ?

Happy to work with anyone (unless they are unpleasant).

That would be great. I hope it happens.

Korean artists ! Come to Alchemy Studios!

How do you remember Yim Jaebum (임재범), as a “Person” or as you British would call : “lad” 

A person.. who wanted to be a lad

Well I’m sure he became wiser with age, and now that he has a loving family. I do hope that you can get together again, even for a buddie talk at a pub.


And if you ever fly out to Korea, I’m sure he’ll be delighted to meet you.

Me too.

Now, this only album by ASIANA (아시아나) : It’s being highlighted again with Yim Jaebum (임재범)’s dramatic history and considered one of his important works. Your name and your touch is all over it. Your thoughts ?

It's very old! (laughs)

Yes, I hope your proud of your short but strong works of impact with Yim Jaebum. I can tell you as a witness, you did one hell of of job on this record. As a longtime fan of Yim Jaebum and Metal fanatic in general, I deeply appreciate your works and send you standing ovations Sir.

Thanks a lot man.

You are one of the very few foreign persons who had the opportunity to work with the greatest Rock vocalist of all time from Korea. I can tell you that as long as Yim Jaebum (임재범) Rocks Korea, your name will be along with his proud works in the list. And as far as I know, this was the very first case of a Korean band recording an album in the UK. You should be proud Mr. Jones.

Thanks again.  

Thank you so very much for a great interview about a great album Mr. Jones. I send you Metal horns and cheers. Please take care and all the best to you Sir.

You're welcome.

All the best and horns up from Korea to you Sir. Keep Rockin'....

You too!

Much gratitude and appreciation to Mr. KENNY JONES (케니 존스), for sharing unheard stories from ASIANA (아시아나)'s recording in London for this exclusive interview. The YIM JAEBUM Fanpage sends applause and respect to Mr. Jones.

* KENNY JONES now makes music at : 


** Korean translation (한국어버젼) of this interview coming soon....

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

LOREN SCOTT Exclusive Interview


LOREN SCOTT Exclusive Interview

 (* This is an exclusive, probably the first time ever interview with Mr. LOREN SCOTT (로렌 스캇). The first American drummer ever to play with Yim Jaebum (임재범) and the man behind the historic tracks “Rock in Korea” (락 인 코리아) and “The same old story” (세임 올드 스토리). He talks for the first time in 22 years about the project and reveals many untold stories for this exclusive interview for the Yim Jaebum Fanpage. Hope you enjoy..)

  (Loren Scott 2011. Photo courtesy of Loren Scott)

Hello Mr. Loren Scott. Thank you so much for you granting this interview for the Yim Jaebum (임재범) Fan page. You’ve been in Korea before, so I’d like to send greetings to you on behalf of fellow Koreans. I wonder if you remember “Annyong Haseyo” ?

Ha ha… Of course! 안녕하세요 ! How are you ?

Doing great, especially that I have the honor of talking to you Sir. First off, Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Well, I am Loren Scott (로렌 스캇). I’ve been in Korea before and while I was there I was fortunate enough to be a drummer and have a great time. And I had the chance to play with one of the greatest vocalist I’ve ever met, but we’ll get to that later. I started playing drums when I was 10 years old, and started learning guitar when I was 16. I got my first regular professional gig with a working band on drums when I was just 16 years old. They were the house band at a little club in Mesa, Arizona. I’ve been in various bands on drums, guitar, and bass up until just a few years ago. These days, I am a professional wedding photographer based in southern California. I finally had to make the tough decision to quit my last band because my photography business kept me so busy that I could no longer commit to performing on weekends. But, I still jam whenever I get a chance, because I still love to play music.

How did you find yourself in Korea in the first place? Were you here as US military or as a civilian ? And how many years have you stayed here ?

I came to Korea in September 1984 with the U.S. Air Force. I was stationed at Osan Air Base. I spent a year there before returning to the States. Then, I returned a year and a half later and spent another two years (1987-1989) at Osan Air Base again. So, I was in Korea for three years total.

Did you ever come back since then ? And do you miss Seoul ?

No. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to return to Korea since I left in 1989. But, I would love to !

Now, we want to talk about your great contributions in “Rock in Korea” album. But before that I think we have to start from MAZURKA (마주르카). Can you tell me about this band ?

(* Loren Scott and his mates released an album while he was in Korea as the first ever Rock band with all American members : MAZURKA - "Dream Machine" (1988). ASIA records)

Myself and four other Air Force guys at Osan formed MAZURKA (마주르카) and began playing mostly cover songs at the clubs outside the base. Since most of us in the band were also songwriters, we had also started working some of our original songs into our set lists as well. We played in many clubs and had a good time.

   (MAZURKA LP cover. Courtesy of Loren Scott)

Please tell me how did you get to make a full on record in Korea, as an all American Rock & Roll band ? This was very unusual for the times, I think it’s even safe to say that it hasn’t happened since.

One night after we had performed at the Yesterday’s Club in Songtan-si, the club owner (Mr. Kim) found my house and told me that his music producer friend, Bang Ki-nam (방기남), had heard us play the previous night and liked us. Mr. Kim asked me if we had any original songs, and I told him that we did. He said that Mr. Bang wanted to meet us and talk to us about recording an album with him in Seoul. We did meet with Mr. Bang -- I think it was at the KFC restaurant in Songtan-si -- and he confirmed that he wanted to produce an album of our music for us. At first, we were unsure what the catch might be. We asked him how much this would cost us. He said “nothing”. He would pay for it all – moving our equipment up to the studio in Seoul, our hotel, our food, the recording, mixing, and production of albums and cassettes. He would pay for it. So, then we got excited and wondered how much WE would get paid. He replied, “Nothing... except two free records and two free cassettes each. And you can buy as many more that you want wholesale.”

Wow, that is “some” deal offer...

Yes!, but we said, “Okay!”. Ha ha… it was pretty exciting actually. We did not really care about making a lot of money anyway. We just were excited to have the chance to make a record. As it turns out, Mr. Bang was interested in eventually producing records for musicians in the United States and he needed an American band in Korea to produce an album for first to use as an example of what he could do. So, truly, we were in the right place at the right time. Over the next month or so, we practiced the songs that we were going to record, which were all original songs written by us with the exception of one track written by Mr. Bang and a friend of his, and one cover song –- “Born To Be Wild” by STEPPENWOLF, that only appeared on the cassette, not the vinyl album. The cassette also contained one more additional song, “After I Have Gone To Sleep” which was written and sung by me.

The band name was MAZURKA (마주르카), which is a name for Polish folk dance rhythm. I'm wondering how did this come up for an all American Rock band formed in Korea?

Our bass player (Terry) suggested the name.  When he first said "Mazurka", I recall thinking that he said "Berserka" -- like berserk (or "crazy"), and I thought "Yea, that sounds cool!"  But, then he corrected me and explained what it really meant (a Polish waltz type of music or dance in 3/4 or 7/8 time). 

Oh OK, Did it have to do with a certain member ? Was anyone in the band a "heavy" blooded Polak?

No.  Nobody in the band was Polish, that I am aware of, anyway. But, the whole band still thought it sounded odd enough to use.  In retrospect, I think we probably should have kept thinking of better names, because some people had thought that we were not a rock band, based on our name! Ha ha!

  (Loren Scott 1988, from MAZURKA album cover. Photo courtesy of Loren Scott)

Which bands inspired you and your mates to form MAZURKA (마주르카) ? Or should I say main influences?

We liked SCORPIONS (스콜피언스), JUDAS PRIEST (주다스 프리스트) and VAN HALEN (밴 헤일런) a lot.

When the band played live, what covers were played besides the band's own material?

Lots of songs from JUDAS PRIEST, VAN HALEN, SCORPIONS, BILLY IDOL (빌리 아이돌), and some ZZ TOP (지지 탑). We did quite a wide range of rock songs.

I do own a playable and also a sealed copy of MAZURKA's only album. PLEASE tell me that I'm a lucky bastard (laughs)..

Yes, you are a lucky bastard!  Where did you get that?

I did have the “Rock in Korea” (락 인 코리아) album forever, But when I started seriously "studying" Yim Jaebum (임재범)’s past, your name came up obviously. And I dug deeper and the band MAZURKA (마주르카) came up. I started searching, and years later I finally got a hold of 2 good copies. 1 for listening and 1 sealed. You don’t wanna know how much I had to pay for them ! (laughs)

Ha ha... Is that so? (laughs) 

Yes, I’m very glad to have it. Now, did MAZURKA (마주르카) give any interviews while you were Korea ? Or any press or a promo ad of any sort? I can't find anything here whatsoever.

We did do an interview on AFKN Radio, and there were lots of posters made to promote the album.  But, nothing on TV or any newspapers or magazines, that I am aware of.

Well since I have the vinyl of MAZURKA (마주르카)and listened to your Rocking tracks. I’d say it was very 80’s sounding, melodic, hard Rock. I wouldn’t be surprised if the little kid back then heard the songs on AFKN radio. How would you look back on the album ?

The songs on that album definitely had an 80’s Rock sound to most of them. One thing that I a most proud of is that each song on the album sounds different from the others. I hate when I hear an album from a band and all of the songs sound the same. And, I really liked that we showed a good variety of sounds and moods in the songs on this album.

A song written by yourself appears on the very first track of the album. And there’s even a significant drum solo on a track that’s more memorable than any other parts’ solos. Would it be safe to say that you "took the wheel and ran the show" in that band ?

No, I was not the band leader. In fact, MAZURKA (마주르카) did not have a leader. We were all equal contributors to everything the band did, and we liked it that way. I have only been in one or two bands in the past that had a designated leader, and it was no fun. I prefer it when each member of the band has a voice.


That is what truly makes it a band, in my opinion. In MAZURKA (마주르카), since I also could play guitar and I goofed around on keyboards a little bit, I was able to write a few of our songs. Todd Stafford (타드 스태포드 : Lead Guitar) wrote the music for the title track “Dream Machine”, but had lyrics for his music that were honestly just so-so. One day, Todd was flipping through the pages of a book of lyrics that I had written (many with no music yet) and discovered that the lyrics called "Dream Machine" fit perfectly with his music, and that song was born. John Cormier (존 코르미어 : Keyboards / Guitar) had the most formal musical education in the band. So, he was tasked with transcribing all of our music. Terry Scherrer (테리 쉐러 : Bass guitar) was also very well educated on music theory and contributed some very intricate bass lines to every song. He also wrote most of the song "East Is East". And, of course, Mike Stefanos (마이크 스테파노스 : Lead Vocals) was our front man and gave a voice to the band. We all considered ourselves equal partners in MAZURKA (마주르카). It was a fun band to be in!

(MAZURKA members (Left to Right): Todd Stafford (Gtr),  Terry Scherrer (Bs),  Mike Stefanos (Vo),  John Cormier (Keys),  and Loren Scott (Dr). Courtesy of Loren Scott)

Any fond memories or interesting stories while playing in Korea? Oh, do you remember Nakwon Sangga (laughs) ?

(* Nakwon Sangga : 낙원상가 – A huge mall downtown Seoul that has all the musical instruments and sound gadgets in 1 building)

Yes, I loved that place. I spent a lot of time (and MONEY !) at that music arcade. Is it still there ?

Yes it is. Still standing tall.

Wow, I would love to go there again.

That would be awesome. So, is that record you’ve made in Korea your only record ? Or have you guys flew back and played more or formed a new band ?

Other than the ROCK IN KOREA (락 인 코리아) project that Terry (Bass) and I played on, that was the only record that we made there.

Mmmm I see, Are you in contact with “the boys” still ? Are they doing OK ?

I last had contact with the other guys in MAZURKA (마주르카) through MySpace a few years ago. They all seem to be doing well, and still playing music.

And are you jamming with a new band now ?

I've still been playing as well, but just not in a regular band anymore, since I don't really have time. Besides, my own kids are way better musicians than I am anyway now. So, I'm happy supporting their musical endeavors now.

What drum kits did you use for the recording ? And there’s this red room of your band photo, Was it your band’s rehearsal room ?

The drums that I used on the recording were a custom CB-700 set with a set of Roto-Toms as well. I had a bunch of Zildjian cymbals all over the place too. It was a good sounding set. That red room on the album cover was in the studio in Seoul where we recorded the album. Our rehearsal room was in the basement of my house in Songtan-si, just outside of Osan Air Base.

("Rock in Korea" cover. This is the 2002 CD reissue version. Original LP is slightly different)

Now, we get to the core of the interview. Please tell me how you got to know Yim Jaebum (임재범). As accurately as you can.

Wow, let's see.. While MAZURKA (마주르카) was recording our album a few different popular Korean singers and musicians came by the studio to see what we were doing - since it was kind of odd to see an American band recording in a Korean studio. One of those musicians was "Steve" Kim (Kim Dokyoon : 김도균) of the band BAEKDOOSAN (백두산). He and I became quick friends and we visited each other many times after that day. Later, when he became involved with the ROCK IN KOREA (락 인 코리아) project, he asked me to play drums and write lyrics for his two songs that Yim Jaebum (임재범) would be singing on ("Rock In Korea" and "The Same Old Story"). He introduced me to Yim Jaebum and I was impressed immediately at how well his English pronounciation was. He was also very humble and friendly. I liked him from the moment I first met him.

Wow what an impression he must have gave you.. What band was he in at the time ? And what was your impression when you first saw him sing ?

I believe he was still in SINAWE (시나위) at the time. I listened to some of his songs with SINAWE and was amazed at his voice. I felt that he was the best singer I had ever heard, and I still think that. He's the best.

Did you see him sing in SINAWE (시나위) in “Rock World” in Itaewon? And what about his 2nd band WAYIN BUDAE (외인부대) ?

No, I never did have a chance to see these, unfortunately.

Did you ever play on stage together with Yim Jaebum (even for a drunk, club jam) prior to “Rock in Korea” (락 인 코리아) ?

No, unfortunately, we have never played live together. Even in the studio, we recorded the music first and then I finished writing the lyrics and I came back to the studio to help show him the melodies and pacing for the words that I wrote and he recorded his lead vocals and then I helped sing backups on both "Rock In Korea" and "The Same Old Story".

( Loren Scott -wearing the mega rare MAZURKA shirt - plays the piano in the studio. As Yim Jaebum & Kang Gi-young watches - From "Rock in Korea" LP)


On the record it says lyrics are by "Yim & Kim". Even on the CD reissue, which are just a full on copy of the LP. But you say you’ve penned the words of determination. Can you “verify” that as a fact somehow ? Personally I’d believe you because I can HEAR those kind of words cannot come out of a Korean mouth.

Yea, I know. I was not too happy to see that. I am sure that Kim Dokyoon (김도균) or Yim Jaebum (임재범) would confirm that I wrote the lyrics, if they were asked. At least, I would hope so. In fact, the only contribution on the words for these two songs that did not come from me was that Kim Dokyoon (김도균) said that he wanted the fast song to have a chorus of "Rock in THE Korea". I told him that having the word "the" in there was not proper English and it should just be "Rock in Korea" (락 인 코리아). He agreed and that was that. I wrote everything else.

Concerning the lyrics for the 2 songs. You say that you wrote the lyrics for both "Rock in Korea" and "The same old story". While I would believe your claims without a shadow of doubt, are there ANY document or evidence that will back your statement up? Like a hand written note of your music works that you would scribble your ideas on..

I do still have the original typed lyrics sheets from those two songs. They are from 1989 ! I think that would have to come fromYim Jaebum (임재범) or Kim Dokyoon (김도균) for sure.

(Original lyrics manuscript for "Rock in Korea". Courtesy of Loren Scott)

Do you wish you can fix it or would just let it be ?

Definitely. If they ever reprint the covers, it would be nice if they gave me credit for my lyrics. I also wrote the lyrics to "All Because Of You" on the album, but they listed me as co-author of the music as well (with Sohn Moohyun : 손무현), which is not correct. I just wrote the lyrics - and sang lead vocals on that one.

And it also separately written : “Percussion” by Loren Scott (로렌 스캇). And all those years I’ve spinned the track, I can’t make out any obvious percussion other than the drumkit. Can you please shed some light on this matter ? Exactly what kind of percussion is in the tracks and where do I have to listen carefully to really hear it ?

Yea, they recorded me hitting a cowbell during the chorus. But, it is not very high in the final mix. I recall the engineer thinking it sounded too much like a woodblock for some reason.

And even your name is mis-spelled. "Lorren" Scott. Now who should we blame here?

I know! I was not too happy to see that they spelled my name wrong either. I wrote it down for them correctly and, somehow, it got spelled wrong all over the place. But, to prove it's really me, you can see me in one of the photos on the back of the album -- right next to the "All Because Of You" song info with Kim Dokyoon (김도균) pointing at me.

( The "group photo". Loren Scott is 4th from the left. Kim Dokyoon  & Terry Scherrer next to him. Yim Jaebum is on the far right - From "Rock in Korea" LP)

In the insert sheet of "Rock in Korea" album, there is a big photo (above) of all the musicians around a microphone in a big circle. You and Yim Jaebum (임재범) are both in it too. It looks like everyone's singing a chorus for a song. Can you tell me which song it was? Or was it just a picture for "show"?

If I recall, that photo may have been taken in the studio while we were all singing the "ROCK! ROCK! ROCK!" part at the end of the "Rock In Korea" song, but I don't think we were actually recording at the moment the shot was taken.  But it was taken during that recording session.

And on the credit for “Rock in Korea”, there are 2 bass players listed for the song. Terry Scherrer (테리 쉐러) and Kang Gi-young (강기영), can you give me an explanation for this ?

Why there were two bass players listed on the "Rock In Korea" instead of just Terry ? Good question ! When we originally recorded the song, the bass line and rhythm guitar parts under the guitar solo were different -- they matched the riff under the chorus. But, after we finished the recording the original drums and bass, when I came back in to record the vocal tracks, I heard the song and noticed that they had changed the rhythm behind the guitar solo to have a different groove. The drums still fit, but the old bass guitar part would no longer fit the new rhythm guitar part. So, I recall that Kim Dokyoon (김도균) told me that he had Kang Gi-young (강기영) re-record the bass part just for that portion of the song.

I see, now that’s very new for me. Now, leaving out the 2 tracks that you played with Yim Jaebum (임재범), what song(s) that Yim Jaebum sang you've heard so far really got you the most ? Be it a Metal or pop piece ?

I have not viewed so much yet.  I had just done a search for those two songs and watched the performances of those. But they were all great. 

Was there any event, of which where you, and Yim Jaebum or Kim Dokyoon performed TOGETHER with MAZURKA on stage ? Either as a special guest individual or as a band member..

None unfortunately.

(Kim Dokyoon & Yim Jaebum (from far left), Terry Scherrer & Loren Scott (from far right). From "Rock in Korea" LP)

Well, with all those aside, I personally think the track “Rock in Korea” is more than a song. It’s a statement. How do you feel being a big part of that particular track ?

I love it. When we finished recording it, I could tell that it was kind of an "anthem" type of song that would get the crowd going. Kind of like "Rock And Roll All Night" from KISS was when I was growing up. In fact, as I wrote the lyrics, that was the feeling I wanted to put into them -- that this was the band telling the rock fans in Korea that we know you like it loud and so we're going to turn up the volume and shake the ground !

(* In an episode of Yim Jaebum's latest TV show called "Saddle the wind" (MBC), Yim revealed that it was none other than KISS that turned him into Rock & Roll, during his early teens.)

And “The Same old story” is even written by somebody in the web that it’s our “Stairway to heaven” from Korea. What are your thoughts on that track and how does that remark make you feel ?

I love that song. In fact, I feel that the lyrics to "The Same Old Story" are some of my best ever. They really have a deep meaning if you listen carefully to them. Basically, it's talking about never reaching your goals (in life or in relationships) because of constantly getting distracted by other things (or other people). The line "... another love gets in the way" is a reference to this. In my case, it means that I never got as good on drums as I could have if I had focus only on drums (rather than also taking time to learn guitar). But, it can also mean that a romantic relationship with someone does not grow as strong as it could because you get distracted by someone else and end up starting a new relationship. I love that song.

   (Credit for "All because of you", With Lead vocals by LOREN Scott. His name is mis-spelled. From "Rock in Korea" cover)

"All because of you" : how did you get a slot for your own song ?

While I was in the studio recording the backup vocals for "Rock In Korea" and "Same Old Story", I met one of the other musicians on the album, Sohn Moohyun (손무현). He had music recorded for his song, but did not have lyrics written yet. He had heard my singing liked it. So, he asked me if I would like to write the lyrics for his song and also sing lead vocals on it. Of course, I said "Yes!"

It was unusual because you sang lead vocals on “All because of you”. And didn’t play drums. Was the desire to be a lead vocalist inside you all along ?

Well, I have sang lead vocals on at least some of the songs in every band I have ever been in, all the way back to high school. So, I do love to sing and feel confident singing lead vocals.

How was it to have your own Rock & Roll track ? Do you ever play or sing it sometimes in your local music clubs ?

It was great! But, no. I honestly have never sang that song outside of the studio it was recorded in. Kind of sad, huh?

  ("Steve" Kim Dokyoon is probably saying "All because of you" to Loren Scott. From "Rock in Korea" LP cover)

Is the “Steve” in the middle dialogue section Kim Dokyoon (김도균) ?

Yes, that was Steve. Sohn Moohyun (손무현) had the idea for having a little spoken part in the middle between me and someone else, that was kind of like what David Lee Roth did in a couple VAN HALEN songs. I knew exactly what he meant.

Like “Hot for teacher” ?

Yes exactly. So I wrote up a short script of lines for Steve and I to say to fit that segment of the song. I decided to make it a little bit funny too. It worked great!

I won’t argue with that. The song Rocks . And do you know about the “so called” LIVE REMIX (a.k.a. "Rock in Korea II") version that came out in 93 ?

Well, it's not really live, of course. It is just the studio version with crowd noise added in. I can tell that it's not live because I recognize my drumming and vocals and I never performed these songs live, unfortunately.

  (Rock in Korea II -a.k.a. "Live Remix"- cover. Not a real live album.)

How did Mr. Terry Scherrer (테리 쉐러)’s participation come into the picture ? Pretty much same as your case or were there anything different that your way of getting involved of this album ?

No, it was just like me. Kim Dokyoon (김도균) needed a drummer and bassist for his songs and liked MAZURKA (마주르카). So, he asked both Terry and I if we wanted to help with his songs on that project. And, just like me, Terry was excited to be a part of it.

Did you and Mr. Scherrer, Yim Jaebum & Kim Dokyoon jam together as a quartet often ? Or was it just an “album” session ?

No. Just for the album. Honestly, I hardly even remember us practicing much for this. If I recall, Kim Dokyoon (김도균) just played a cassette tape for us of a rough demo of the music for the songs that we used to get familiar with the changes so that we could create our own musical parts. We just showed up in the studio to record, and practiced the songs a couple of times before actually recording them. It was pretty quick.

This one is important for the books. Have YOU played as this quartet, on stage, playing “Rock in Korea”. Because so far I haven’t been able to find ANY record of that album’s groups performing live.

No, never. Again, pretty sad, isn't it? I would love to, though, if the opportunity ever comes up to do so.

Were there any plans on paper at least ? Because even as a kiddie, I remember seeing a footage of Yim Jaebum (임재범) singing “Rock in Korea” - the immortal chorus part to be precise in a rehearsal studio, ages and ages ago. And Kim Dokyoon (김도균) was cranking the axe right next to him. This was a coverage of a entertainment report on TV. I’m not sure if this was ROCK IN KOREA or ASIANA (아시아나) - the band the 2 formed about a year later.

I've never seen that footage. But, I know that the vocals were not recorded on the same day as we did the music. So, I am guessing it was just recreated for the video.

(* As Mr. Scott verified this, it seems that the footage was of ASIANA. In Sep. of 1989 LOUDNESS from Japan played in Korea and ASIANA (아시아나) was to be the opening band. This was a big buzz back then so it may have got TV coverage)

So, you and Mr. Scherrer had a further endeavour outside your own band, with Yim Jaebum (임재범) with Kim Dokyoon (김도균) in the circle, these are 2 of the most influential, and biggest names in Korean Rock today still. Looking back, how do you remember it ?

I feel very fortunate that I was truly in the right place at the right time for all of this to come together. If my band MAZURKA (마주르카) had not performed at a club where the owner was friends of a music producer (방기남 : Bang Ki-nam), we never would have recorded our MAZURKA album. And, without that, I never would have met Kim Dokyoon (김도균). And, without meeting Kim Dokyoon, well... I never would have met Yim Jaebum (임재범) and I never would have written the lyrics for "Rock In Korea". So... I feel lucky in many ways.

Are there any unseen photos or live recordings from that era you wanna open up now? It would be great if you shed some more light for this awesome project. I’m sure you know, it was a “who’s who” of Korean Rock from the times.

Unfortunately, I have nothing. I know that someone took a lot of photos of us recording in the studio, and a few of those photos are on the back of the Rock In Korea album cover. And, there were cassettes of rough tracks and demos of the songs while we were working on them, but those are long gone.

Not even a buddie shot with you and Yim Jaebum (임재범)?

No. Unfortunately, not.

Awww... that’s too bad and too sad...

Yes... it is.

When you saw the recent clip for Yim Jaebum (임재범) singing “Rock in Korea”, what were your immediate impressions and thoughts that you had at the moment ?

(* Yim Jaebum performed “Rock in Korea” with Korean Metal band DIABLO in the heaviest form ever in years. This new 2011 footage can be seen on youtube)

Well, of course, I thought his voice sounded just as awesome as it did way back in 1989. And, it brought back great memories for me. Also, I was a bit jealous watching another drummer recreate the drum parts that I wrote too. Ha ha!

You’ve left a comment on his video of that song on youtube, that’s how I found you. Like you wrote there he’s still got it and kicks like no other. Do you know that he’s recently got REALLY famous in Korea after a “survival” type show ("I am a Singer" - MBC) appearance ?

Yea, I heard about that. I am glad that he is getting more popular again. He deserves it.

His albums are getting out from shelves like pancakes, his nationwide tour is all sold out, and recently shot a TV commercial for a very popular coffee brand.

Mmmm... coffee! I love coffee! Ha ha!

Have you seen his recent footages ? And what d’you think of them ?

I have only seen a few of them. But, he looks and sounds great in all of the recent videos that I saw.

He sang “Rock in Korea” with a famous Metal band called DIABLO (디아블로). What did you think of that power filled metallic sound that was 21th century updated ?

It sounded great! But, again... I should be banging on those drums behind him. Ha ha!

As a drummer in your own right, what did you think of the drummer of DIABLO (디아블로) ? And did you like the the way they played the sick rhythmic mid-section that your drumming shined on the original version ?

Yes, he did a great job, of course. I love watching other drummers too. Drummers are cool people. Anyone who bangs on something for a living has to be okay -- they have no stress left! Ha!

Do you hope for a shot at kicking it loud for “Rock in Korea” again if the opportunity comes ? With Yim Jaebum (임재범) of course.

Yes, of course. Just say when and where, and I'll be there.

Well, hold your breath then, There are even talks of Yim Jaebum (임재범) taking his tours internationally. And if a Korean singer flies overseas, 8 out of 10 times they’ll hit L.A. first. Suppose you’ve heard that he’s flying in today, and you happen to be passing right next to LAX, what goes through your mind right now ?

With no doubt, I would go meet him !

If Yim asks you to get your drumsticks ready and get up there to play “Rock in Korea” and “The Same old story” with him, would you do it ?

Obviously, I would LOVE to share the stage with Yim Jaebum (임재범)and play drums for "Rock In Korea" and "The Same Old Story". That would be amazing. Absolutely. I would be ready !

Maybe you should call up your buddies from MAZURKA (마주르카). (And possiby have a Reunion jam in your garage) as well. What about that ?

Ha ha! I would love that too. I have often thought about what would happen if MAZURKA (마주르카) all came together in a music room with our instruments and were asked to play all of our songs with no practice -- just from memory. Wow! I actually think I could pull off my drum and vocal parts still. But, I know it's harder to do that with guitar and keyboards sometimes. It would be fun, though.

(Loren Scott still Rockin' in 2011. Photo courtesy of Loren Scott)

 You’ve left the musician life and put your hearts in another form of Art : photography, How did it start and are you happy shooting pictures ?

I actually started studying photography way back in high school when I was just 15. I photographed my first wedding when I was just 19 -- on film, way before digital. I did photography as a hobby for a long time and, finally, in 2005, I decided to officially go professional and have grown my business quickly ever since. I have photographed weddings all over California, Hawaii, and even the U.S. Virgin Islands. I love it.

Do you jam occasionally at least ? If so, with whom ?

Yes! Although I don't have enough free time to commit to a full-time band project, I still practice (on my 16 year-old son's drum set now) and I also sit in on drums and guitar at jam sessions every now and then. It always feels great to get out and play in front of a crowd that loves live music.

With your artistic hands you now hold the camera instead of drumsticks. You want to promote your new artistry for the people who reads this here?

Eh... I probably said enough already.  People who are interested can go to my website ( to read all about me and to view my work. 

I'm sure you're a master of the lenses over drumheads now. Do you miss drumming and the Rocking stages and the sweat filled nights?

Yes, I do miss performing live.  I don't miss having to set up and tear down my drum set before and after the shows.  I wish that I had roadies to do that for me.  But, I did it all myself.  The playing part was fun.  The "being a roadie" part was not so fun. Ha ha ! 

Well that's great. I wish you return behind the drumkit someday and Rock people's socks off.

Thank you. Me too!

Which makes me wonder, if you were asked to join and play drums for a very well known successful band, which band would you love to join? Or would you prefer to get MAZURKA (마주르카) back together?

I would love to play drums for SCORPIONS (스콜피언스), VAN HALEN (밴 헤일런), or RUSH (러쉬).  All of those bands are ones that inspired me musically when I was growing up.

Well, I just want you to know, that as long as Yim Jaebum (임재범) sings “Rock in Korea”, your drumming is written down as the original, and will be remembered and heard down in Korean Rock history. What are your thoughts on this ?

Where is my royalty check? Ha ha!! Just kidding. I am very happy to be a part of Korean musical history. I enjoyed the three years that I spent in Korea, and I hope to go back some day and make more history. I learned to read, write, and speak Korean while I was there. But now, since I don't have the opportunity to speak Korean hardly ever, I have forgotten a lot of my Korean vocabulary words, sad. But, knowing that a song I wrote in English is being enjoyed by Korean rock music fans makes me very happy!

That’s great. My guess is that that song will be a staple “classic” for Rock kids in Korea, for generations to come. One of those “Smoke on the waters” and “Back in Blacks” of our own.


Looking back, how was Yim Jaebum (임재범) as a “person” ? He is considerd a bohemian in Korean show biz. Pulling no shows very often and refusing to “fit in” the system etc. But your thoughts of him as a human being, and your friend ?

As I mentioned, he was very friendly all the time. He always had a big smile on his face and was always wanting to practice his English with me. I remember him laughing a lot in the studio and just really being fun to be around.

You think you can meet up with him one of these days for a drink ?

Actually, I don't like alcohol -- never have. But, I'll buy him the beer and I'll have a Diet Coke! Or coffee ! Ha ha!

Do you have any plans to fly out to Korea again ? Even for a short holiday trip ?

I don't have any plans at the moment. But, I would love to.

For your info , Yim Jaebum (임재범) , Kim Dokyoon (김도균) , Kim Jongseo (김종서), Sohn Kyongho (손경호) are still very much active in the music scene here. And I don’t know if you knew him well, Lee Byong-il (이병일 : drummer from LOVE & PEACE : 사랑과 평화) had passed away years ago.

I was not familiar with that drummer or band, but it is sad that he passed away in his prime.

Well he’s actually standing right next to you to your left, wearing a blue jacket, if you look at the “group” photo in the studio. He was one of the best Funk Rock drummers in Korea.

Really ? I didn’t know that it was him. What a loss. Too bad...

You had probably the most variety of roles (written & unwritten) on “Rock in Korea” record. Any last words ?

Yes... let's make some more music! Let's get the band back together! Ha ha! And, watch out for my 16 year-old son, Brandon Scott. He's a far better drummer than I ever was already. Look up "Brandon Scott Drums" on YouTube or just go to to see him in action. My 19 year-old son, Josh, is an incredible guitarist and film-maker too. The youth of today is taking the musical world to a much higher level. And, I am very proud to have been an influence on my own kids as well as any of the Korean kids who started becoming musicians because of listening to "Rock In Korea".

Oh, I’m not forgetting the very rare case of releasing an album as MAZURKA (마주르카) in Korea . How would you remember that one ?

I kind of explained all of this earlier. But, one additional note is that, although we did not get paid any money from that record itself, we were able to charge twice as much as before for our live shows at the clubs. So, that was nice. Also, it was pretty nice to walk into a record store and see our poster on the wall and our vinyl album on the shelves. I actually went on vacation all the way down in Busan and went into a record store there and, sure enough, there were about five or six copies of our MAZURKA album there. The store owner gave me a pen and had me autograph all of them! Ha ha! That was cool!

I’m a mad collector of Rock albums and I have that very album. And right now I’m very proud to hear from “the man” behind the band and finally heard some stories about that band.. I really appreciate it.

Thank you !

Anything you want to add Mr. Scott ?

I think that about covers everything. This interview actually brought back a lot of memories that I had almost forgotten about. So, I thank you for asking such good questions.

You’re very welcome Mr. Scott. I deeply appreciate your time and your kind answers. Especially for all the material that you've sent and gave permission to use here, and for shooting the exclusive video of yourself playing "Rock in Korea".This will all be posted on the Yim Jaebum (임재범) fanpage and hopefully his fans will find more info and cool stories of him to talk about. And of course know of your contribution to such a great album and memorable track in Korean Rock. Like I said, it’s more than just a song. It’s a statement, and an announcement.

My pleasure. I mean... 천만에요 !

Thank you so very much Mr. Scott. I send you Metal horns and cheers. Please take care and all the best to you Sir.

And you too.

All the best and horns up from Korea to you Sir. Rock on....

Rock on!  |m|

And for this Interview, Mr. Loren Scott filmed this first ever video of himself performing drums for "Rock in Korea". Enjoy....

(Video courtesy of Loren Scott)

Much gratitude and appreciation for Mr. LOREN SCOTT, who gave prescious time and shared so many personal memories with us for this exclusive interview. The YIM JAEBUM Fanpage sends applause and respect to Mr. Scott.

(* YIM JAEBUM recently played his very first concert outside of Korea in L.A. at the Nokia Theater to a sold out crowd. Sadly, "Rock in Korea" was played without Mr. LOREN SCOTT....)


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